Do you want to make an impact and standout as a professional with your own custom pedigree charts? Or, do you want to stay organized with all your breeding records?

With Power Pedigree TM you can. It's the easy to use software solution for creating pedigree charts and tracking breeding records.

Here are some the features available to you:

  • Create custom pedigree charts and manage all your breeding records in one software package
  • Configurable for your specific breeding stock
  • Automatically calculate inbreeding coefficients. (Enhanced Version only)
  • Easily setup multiple databases
  • Your custom watermark on pedigrees (Really make an impression)
  • Email pedigree charts
  • Save pedigree charts in multiple formats
  • Track breeding seasons (Enhanced Version only)
  • Track breeding pairs (Enhanced Version only)
  • Track offspring
  • Breeding season reports (Enhanced Version only)
  • Integrated spell checker
  • Powerful data grids for searching your records.
  • Built-in Backup/Restore, plus you can backup to a CD
  • Customizable Database Fields
  • Customizable Gender Values
  • Customizable Rating System
  • Add multiple photographs

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at sales_staff@c-d-r.com.

There is a fully functional trial version of Power Pedigree that you can download and check it out for yourself or use the buy button above if you are ready to purchase. Power Pedigree requires Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

If you have any suggestions, use the suggestion button below:

Sample Screen Shots(Click image to enlarge)

Building a pedigree.
Building A Pedigree
Selecting details to display in pedigree.
Select Details To Display
Sample record edit form.
Sample Edit Form
Records listed in the Browse Records Work Area.
Browse Records Work Area