Create professional pedigrees and track breeding for all animals (birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.).


Pedigree Software

Introducing our latest pedigree software product Power Pedigree tm. Easily create professional pedigrees and track breeding regardless of the type of animal.

  • Create custom pedigree charts and manage all your breeding records in one software package
  • Configurable for your specific breeding stock
  • Automatically calculates inbreeding coefficients
  • Customizable rating system so you can rate different attributes for your breeding stock

Power Pedigree requires Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

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Pigeon Software

The best software for tracking racing results, show placings and managing your pedigrees, for effective breeding results, at an affordable price.

  • Track race results
  • Velocity Calculator
  • Track show placings
  • Customizable rating system so you can rate attributes of each Pigeon.

Power Pigeon requires Windows XP or better.

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Member News

Power Pedigree 1.10 is now available. Updates can be obtained either from within the software or downloaded from the members area.

If you need technical support, check out our FAQ page or fill out a tech request ticket here.

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